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Make Razor Blades Last 6X Longer | Razorpit 3.0

Make Razor Blades Last 6X Longer | Razorpit 3.0

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DENMARK – RazorPit blade sharpener is set to be launched in March 2018.  We are raising support to help the successful launching of this innovative product. The campaign will last from now till 8th of March, the date of its launching.  This blade sharpener will remove gunk from the blade and help you get a perfectly clean shave any and every time. There is a need to support our campaign because the RazorPit brand will put a stop to all shaving issues; you would be able to give yourself a perfect shave. Follow the link below to support the Razorpit and contribute to our campaign.

You can pledge any amount; once it is launched, you will be able to get 57% off of which you retail at $90 thereby saving $51.

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About RazorPit:

The RazorPit blade sharpener will help you keep your blade for a long time. Blades will last longer and work more efficiently with our RazorPit. The good thing about our product is that it can be shipped to several countries around the world.

The complete RazorPit kit comes with: Blade sharpener, RazorPit travel case, RazorPit moisturizer, RazorPit shaving foam, and a RazorPit face wash. This kit is a complete convenience for travelers as there would be no longer need to have several packs for these items; they are all in the RazorPit kit.

RazorPit helps your blades to be high quality. It works by removing the hairs and skin that attach themselves to the blade; these get themselves on the blade and make it look blunt. But RazorPit clears these and give the razor that clean look that will make it stay sharp every day.

Follow the link to support this campaign:

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