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Holistic Dentist San Diego, La Jolla CA, Holds Free Dentistry Day for Children

Holistic Dentist San Diego, La Jolla CA, Holds Free Dentistry Day for Children

The Center for Natural Dentistry’s Dr. Marvin Pantangco with his children.
During Children’s Dental Month of February, Dr. Marvin Pantangco of the Center for Natural Dentistry is organizing an event to help children from families that cannot afford to get dental treatment. Anyone with a dental emergency and financial hardship is invited to participate in the Free Dentistry Day on February 15th.

The Center for Natural Dentistry launched and run by Dr. Marvin Pantangco in San Diego CA, is planning to provide free emergency dental services to children as part of an ongoing program to support those who can’t afford emergency pain relief. Dr. Marvin has held several similar events previously, which were all greatly appreciated by his area community members.

The Emergency Dental Treatment Day is aimed at treating children aged 13 and below, who have a dental emergency and cannot manage to raise the funds for dental care. Families are asked to call in advance to reserve a spot for their child.

More information about this upcoming event:

The Free Emergency Dentistry Day for Dentistry will be held on Thursday, February 15th from 9AM to 4 PM at 317 N El Camino Real # 106, Encinitas, CA 92024.

The Center for Natural Dentistry’s owner Dr. Marvin understands that many people have financial issues, and wants to give the children of people that would otherwise not afford it, the chance to eradicate dental problems before they get worse and more expensive to treat.

Dental cleanings, extractions, and fillings will be given at NO COST, to all who can be treated during the allotted time. Each child will receive one procedure that they need. In order to be seen, they must schedule an appointment in advance, and availability is limited. Families can bring a maximum of two children each.

The Center for Natural Dentistry gives treatment to many patients each month. However, Dr. Marvin reports that, “There are overwhelming numbers of people who need treatment but can’t raise the cash for it. This is a daily occurrence, so we decided to do something about it to the best of our capability.”

Dr. Marvin thinks the cost of the giveaway (in terms of staff time and supplies) is nothing compared to the gains from such events. “It isn’t the children’s fault if their parents cannot afford dental care. They shouldn’t suffer for something that they can’t control, like their family‘s financial situation.”

Dr. Marvin further added, “We won’t stop putting together community activities, and will continue to assist the less fortunate in any way that we can.”

Information about Dr. Marvin’s holistic dentistry and more details about the services, which are available to residents of Encinitas, La Jolla, and San Diego area, can be found here: 

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