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Logic Inbound Deems Etsy Best for Small Sellers

Logic Inbound Deems Etsy Best for Small Sellers

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An exhaustive look into Etsy vs Shopify has revealed the value of Etsy for small sellers such as artists and crafters. The study examined the two e-commerce platforms head-to-head to determine the best platform for small vendors. The study by National Press Distributors examined the different fields that Etsy and Shopify are suited for and determined that Esty is the right choice for artists and small sellers.

Etsy was found to have many benefits for artists, including lower price and less hassle. Artists were found to benefit from attaching themselves to the Etsy brand when selling their products. The Etsy brand is strong and will draw in traffic and customers that artists may struggle to gain on their own. Therefore, the trade between total flexibility and Etsy branding is a worthwhile one for artists.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for larger businesses, though it also has a Lite option for small sellers. It is not ideal for artists, however, though it does offer far more customization options than Etsy. Sellers on Shopify can customize their Shopify theme and even use custom code to make their store look the way they want. This was found to be a major decision point for many people looking to break into e-commerce.

As e-commerce expands into realms like the arts, new platforms are creating innovative stores. People like artists who didn’t formerly have a means of selling their creations online are venturing into the business arena and profiting greatly from doing so. As technology changes, it is adapting to art and bringing creators into the business arena in ways not imagined previously.

National Press Distributors is the provider of Logic Inbound’s award after careful research and analysis with industry experts. To learn more about the process, or to be considered for next year’s award, please contact NPD’s press representative.

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