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Japan sidesteps recession, revised growth at 1%

Japan sidestepped recession last quarter: Revised data released Tuesday showed its economy grew at an annual 1.0 percent pace instead of shrinking. A previous estimate had shown the world’s third-largest

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Chinese stocks fall 5.5%, other Asian markets down

China’s main stock market index fell more than 5% on Friday after two securities firms said they are under investigation for possible misconduct. The Shanghai composite index closed 5.5% lower

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Terror and markets: Sell-offs tend to be short-lived

The deadly terror attacks in Paris are likely to strike financial markets, too, when trading resumes Monday. But the initial losses expected in risk assets like stocks and the shift

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China issues blueprint for state industry overhaul

China’s Communist Party has issued a long-awaited blueprint for overhauling bloated state industries even as it aims to retain the party’s dominance in the economy. The plan comes at a

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World markets stage mixed comeback

Battered world financial markets attempted to reclaim lost territory Wednesday with mixed success. In Asia, Tokyo’s benchmark Nikkei 225 index gained 570.13 points, or 3.20%, closing at 18,376.83. The broader

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Even in defeat, Greece sends powerful message to Europe

The deal agreed to Monday between Greece and its creditors was hard fought, and even if Athens did not come

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European leaders meet on whether to rescue Greece or cut it loose

The leaders of the 19 nations that use the euro debated Sunday whether to rescue Greece from the brink of

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